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 Our farm has provided Pittsburgh area customers with local, organically grown produce, fruits, and meats since 1971. One of the first organic growers in western PA, for over 40 years we have always grown strictly organically and are certified with Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Our 80 acre family farm is located near Zelienople, about 35 miles north of the city. We raise an extremely wide variety of vegetable and fruit products, with a 3 acre apple orchard. We have several greenhouses, including high tunnel greenhouses which we use to extend our season. We market through an efficient CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) operation and a few wholesale sales.  Since 1993, we've provided mixed boxes of our produce delivered weekly to our members in neighborhoods throughout the Pittsburgh area from June to Thanksgiving. Each member also receives a newsletter with updates about what is happening on our farm and recipe suggestions.

We're the real deal--you are buying directly from a local farm!  Joining our CSA is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure you have a refrigerator full of healthy fruits and vegetables which keep you in top health. New study shows more vegetables are even more vital for health. Supporting our farm, you also support healthy soil which sequesters 50% more carbon than the average farm. See the actual test results!

We take COVID19 very seriously and have every intention of keeping our cherished customers safe and well-nourished during this unsettling time. We’ve had numerous remote discussions with farmers from all over the country, farm organizations, as well as Dept. of Ag, and Health Department professionals.  Safe protocols are being refined and implemented. More... 

We welcome the opportunity to serve everyone in the ‘burgh, no matter the income level.  This is especially true at this time when the corona virus has threatened even such essentials as food.  We're serious about creating an Agriculture Supported Community. Food vouchers are welcome.    

Autumn at Kretschmann Farm 



French Breakfast Radishes

Broccoli Coming!

 Cabbage in Transit

Hans washing Bunches of Beets

Sparkling Bin of Carrots

Pond which got us through the Drought of '20

After the Fall Hard Cider 

Soil Health Test Results!


...how to get our veggies


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 We hope you are well in this stressful and uncertain time.  We're all understandingly concerned with the corona virus.  We’ve planned accordingly as the natural world continues to nurture us all.  As far as specific perils associated with fresh veggies, we have long taken steps to minimize anything which might affect the safety of your food.  Food safety protocols already call for personal hygiene,  washing of hands before working with produce, working in gloves when appropriate, cleaning potentially contaminated surfaces, testing of water, and assigning other tasks (or staying home) for workers who are sick.  Thus we don’t foresee any major problems. We have developed a safety protocol for picking up produce at all locations.  Season starts the first week of June and goes until Thanksgiving.   Light, Standard, and Plus sized boxes--$20, $25, $30 per week!


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