Billing and Accounting

How it works & what to expect

Understanding the billing at Kretschmann Farm

   Sometimes subscribers have a hard time understanding the “bills” we send or the balance.

Generally, as we communicate via our weekly newsletters or pre-season notes, we post a "rolling" balance which reflects whether or not you are paid up in a timely fashion.

  We don’t create invoices for each box which are then paid and off our books.  As you can see from our payment schedule, there are amounts which don't really correspond to any particular box you receive.  You would normally have just the three payments during the season.  You are generally paying ahead.

  When you sign up, the $100 deposit is posted as due.  In early May, the June 1 payment is posted as due plus half the amount due for any special monthly items (like coffee and mushrooms) you have elected to receive.  The remainder of amounts for veggies and extra items will be posted in early August.  See below for the dates and amount of payments due. If you decide to pay ahead, any amounts in excess will appear as a negative balance until we post the rest of your bill.  If you are fully paid and we credit you for a missed box, this too will result in a negative balance.

   If you order any additional "special" items through the season—like an extra flat berries, half bushel of potatoes, beans…the amount won't necessarily appear immediately in the billing.  Usually these items will only be added at the midpoint and endpoints in the season, 8/17 or after Thanksgiving.  You can pay these earlier and that amount will register as a credit until we enter the charge.

  If you’ve missed a box and didn’t want to donate it but to take a credit, we usually credit you at the end of August and again in early December.  If you know you’ll miss a box and send a reduced amount, that’s OK, but remember it might not appear in your balance until later. 

  Here's the schedule of payments for the season:

  Size Box       Deposit                  Due June 1                    Due Aug 17

  Standard       $100                        $275                               $250

  Plus              $100                        $330                               $320

  Light             $100                       $200                                $200

  In December, we send a final billing note where you have the option to apply any credit toward 2021 or get a refund. 

  Any amounts for 2019--charges or credits--have are carried forward into the new year's accounting. As you sign up, the balance will reflect that.

  Checks are generally entered on our books when we get them, though they might take time to be deposited or clear the bank.   We enter Paypal payments as we see them posted. **Remember to add the 3% paypal charges to the amount you pay.  Otherwise we deduct it and you're left with an amount still due. Eg. If you owe $275, you need to make a paypal payment of $275 x 1.03=$283.50. 

  Please list the name on your account with any payments.  We have no other way to tie the payment to your account.

  Hope this helps to clarify.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see an error anytime. Please use the subject line "veggie billing" so the message doesn't get lost in our in-box.


--Don & Becky