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July 11, 2017

Posted 7/10/2017 9:48pm by Don Kretschmann.

July 10, 2016

Greetings from the Kretschmanns,   

We absolutely couldn’t get along without our crew.  Other types of farming have been largely mechanized, but there’s still a need for lots of human labor in vegetable and fruit production.  That’s one reason why “family” almost always used to be the modifier to “farm”—it requires the effort of the whole family.  We’ve certainly drafted all our children into the effort over the years.  Sometimes as subjects for cute pictures, as salespeople, as any kind of help on the farm.  This has extended beyond our children to cousins (Hans, Emily, Rachel, Andrew, and Attila).  Late last week we had a surprise visit by Greg Walsh, one of our first farm helpers.  He and all four of his brothers worked for us in high school and college back in the 1980’s.  They were all here for a family reunion. We’ve also had Erasmo Trejo and his three sons who are currently part of our crew.  We thought it would be great to have them all together for some group pics . Several of the Walshes actually planted our first orchard, digging the holes by hand in high school 32 years ago!  One can see it’s been a family effort in so many ways.

Enjoy the organic blueberries from Rich Hunter. Last year he said he was quitting the business after several bad years.  He relented this year when he saw the good crop coming.  Year in and year out, they are the best “blues” you have ever tasted.    

WQED is promoting a show this Saturday morning, “the Return of the Zucchini”.  We’re really not sure they left.  We’re still picking lots. Check out Pinterest for some ideas.    

The pointed heavy round veggie is a sweet cabbage-variety:Caraflex.  There are tons of ways to enjoy cabbage. Coleslaw on a burger, chicken, or fish sandwich isn’t just for Primati’s.  

We were a hair’s breath from planting our fall carrots and beets when another thunderstorm rolled in.  Cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and green beans need to be planted too.  Hope to get a break soon.  Normally it’s drying out about this time of summer. 

Dodging the raindrops, we are sincerely,                                            

Don, Becky,Maria & the Farm Crew    

Zucchini Bread: Beat 3 eggs until light and foamy.  Add 2 c.sugar, 1 c. oil, 2 c, grated zucchini and 3 tsp. vanilla and mix lightly but well.  Combine 3 c. all purpose flour,  1 tsp salt,  1 tsp. soda, ¼ tsp. baking powder, and 3 tsp cinnamon and add to the egg-zucchini mixture.  Stir until well blended, add 1 c nuts, pour into two 9x5x3-inch oiled and floured loaf pans.  Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for about one hour.  Cool ten minutes and remove from pans.  It keeps well and freezes well.  Thanks Judith Squash/Potato Medley: Slice new potatoes and zucchini crosswise to their length so they’re about the same diameter.  Saute some onions (green or bulbing) until tender.  Oil baking dish, spread onions on bottom, then arrange zucchini and potatoes so they alternate.  You can add sliced tomatoes too.  Sprinkle with herb of your choice—thyme or oregano are good—then generously with shredded cheese.  Bake @350 until veggies are tender. 

Zucchini Pizza: Oil cookie sheet.  Slice zucchini lengthwise in strips about 1/3” thick and arrange on sheet.  Top with tomato sauce and shredded cheese.  Bake until tender and just becoming leathery. We made this salad last week and it was refreshingly light with the cucumber

Summer Potato Salad: Boil 2# of new potatoes until just tender (don’t over cook).  Drain, cool, and slice into bite sized pieces.  Halve and then quarter 1-2 cucumbers lengthwise.  Then slice thinly.  Add these to potatoes with 1c. chopped fresh parsley.  Dress with ¼ c. mayonnaise, ¼ c. wine or cider vinegar, 2 tbs. sugar or honey.  Toss well adding pepper and salt to taste.

Fresh Dill Pickle Spears:  Slice 1 or 2 cucumbers into spears and place in a glass quart jar with a few sprigs of fresh dill (or dried or seed).   Then heat 1/8 c salt, 1/4 c vinegar, and 2 c water to boiling with a cut-up clove of garlic.  Pour this over the cukes and when it cools, refrigerate.  (To avoid breaking the jar with the boiling water, run hot tap water on the outside of the jar just before pouring the boiling liquid in.)

For Extra Purchase: Blueberries: 12 pt. flat $60. (half flats available)   Seven Grain bread @$4/loaf.  Indicate the week or weeks.