CSA Boxes

Summer Season Weekly CSA Boxes


The main season boxes of our organic vegetables and fruit start the first week of June and go 25 weeks until the week before Thanksgiving.


Three sizes are available for families of different sizes and appetites.

Standard--  A half bushel sized box geared toward a family of two adults and two small children.  There will be about 10-12 different produce items depending on what is in season at the time.  This is the overwhelming favorite size box for our subscribers.  Cost per season: $625 or $25/box.

Plus--A bushel sized box geared toward a family of two adults with two older children, or for vegetarians.  The variety is generally the same as the standard, but quantities are larger.  This not really twice the amount as a standard, but the large box allows us to be able to fit some bulkier items into the box.  Cost per season: $750 or $30/box.

Light--A half bushel sized box with less quantity or less items than the standard.  There will be about 1/3 less in this box than the standard.  Cost per season: $500 or $20/wk.   **Because it's now weekly, light shares can now get any of the extra items. 

No need to fret over which size.  Make a good guess based on the description.  You easily swap sizes at any time and only pay for what you got.