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As any thriving organism, Kretschmann Farm is nearly always in a state of growth and change. Part of this evolution is the people we work with. Our farm couldn’t exist without our crew. We are always interested in speaking to those who are drawn, with passion, to this work and our farm.

Since pioneering winter CSA boxes, we generally employ one or two people year-round, and about 7-10 people seasonally. Our busiest season runs from May until late October. There’s never a day without an extremely varied schedule of tasks.

A typical day (if there is one): In harvest season, we’d start the day near dawn picking greens for a few hours. Then spend an hour or two washing and packaging them. Meanwhile, part of the crew might begin preparing our subscription boxes and loading them on the truck. Just after noon, the driver would begin his/her afternoon delivery route, while other crewmembers hoe for an hour and then pick something like peppers or tomatoes which are less effected by exposure to sun, and wash it during the hottest part of late afternoon. Setting up the irrigation driplines before quitting time might complete the day.

For many “Gringos”, one of the biggest treats is working daily with our professional Mexican crew. These guys take it up a notch!  They can work the bejeebers off all comers. Sometimes the rest of us feel like antiques as these guys plow into tasks with such energy as to make them seem effortless.

We can usually make use of many of your varied skills, from organizational and office/computer skills to mechanic and welding skills. There are some repetitive tasks requiring bending and lifting of as much as 50 pounds. These are part of farming and cannot be avoided. If you are physically fit, ready to be careful and respectful of the land, and get satisfaction of working hard, you’d fit right in.

If you are considering farming as a vocation, you will learn how a prosperous one functions here under the supervison of our well seasoned assistants.  The range of crops and enterprises is very wide. The direct marketing system of neighborhood delivered subscriptions is one of the largest and most efficient operations of it’s kind in the country. We’ve never had “interns” per se. We don’t see learning on the farm as a specialized venture, we are a working farm where everyone is always learning.  After a season or two, you'll be well on your way to the competency one needs to farm both profitably and sustainably.

We like to encourage our helpers to stay more than one season. There are so many tasks which are once-a-year that it hardly makes sense to learn them at all if one is here just for the season. And the organization of the farm is hard to understand fully until one sees the entire seasonal cycle through a few times. It both makes the seemingly endless admonitions to do tasks in prescribed ways rational, and gives the satisfaction of observing the results of a job well done. What feeling the young women and men have who worked here a few years ago--to see the apple trees which they planted as high school girls and boys bearing fine fruit as mature trees!

Perhaps you've come upon this site anxious to get on to the next step in a farming career.  If you have extensive experience in growing and marketing produce, and would be interested in a salaried position, we would be very interested in speaking with you about longer term prospects.

We offer competitive wages commensurate with experience. We are fully covered by workman’s compensation, and after three years, employees are enrolled in an employer-funded SEP pension plan.

Currently seeking:

                                        We realize it might seem early to be thinking about next season, but if you’ve been working in vegetable production and you are thinking of where you might want to settle down in a farming career, and how: here’s a bug in your ear.  

Head of Vegetable Production

CSA Crew Members

Please send all applications/resumes to don@kretschmannfarm.com with subject "Employment"

For more information contact:
Maria or Don Kretschmann
257 Zeigler Rd.
Rochester, PA 15074

mariakretschmann@gmail.com or don@kretschmannfarm.com

(contact Don for personal note about Head of Vegetable Production position)