How it Works

Thanks for your interest in  receiving our veggies via our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription program. Since 1993, we have offered these weekly subscriptions.

In a nutshell, a subscriber receives a box of our farm's organic produce every week of the growing season.  What's contained is a selection of whatever is in season at that time.  It's a lot like having a garden, where you consume what's fresh and available in quantities which vary by season. 

Our primary season is from the first week of June until the week before Thanksgiving.  In addition, we have a winter season of boxes which starts in December and continues into March.  These contain produce items which store well plus some greenhouse items. 

The signup period for the season begins in January when we post all the new information online and send paper notices to those who so wish. We continue to take new signups (giving preference to existing customers) until the first weeks of May.  At that time we start putting people on a waiting list until the later part of June when we know things are running smoothly, at which time we add folks at any time in locations where we have room and we can accommodate them.


Signing up is simple.

1.  Choose a size which fit your family.

2.  Send the basic signup information contained on the signup form.

3. Send a $100 deposit either mailing a check, or online, via Dwolla. Subsequent payments and dates are listed on the signup form.

Note:  **The Light share will change this season.  Previously, the light share was simply the standard box, but delivered every other week.  This year, the light share will be a smaller box every week.  We're hoping this will provide for singles and and others a better offering and will eliminate some of the mixups which have occurred because it was bi-weekly.

   If you're reading this and it's after our normal signup time, and you'd like to subscribe, you can send a completed signup form and we'll add you to the wait list and contact you when we're ready to add you on for confirmation.  That way, it will minimize the time delay because often it is the case we have room at specific locations, but not others. With your form, we'll know where we could add you.

After you sign up, we will send information in May concerning the specifics of pickup, such as your location, weekday, time, etc.  If  you have any changes, you can let us know.  Though we don't encourage folks to sign up without a very good certainty they want to commit to a season, we realize situations might change--everything from a sudden job move, a change in personal situation, or just not being able to deal with the volumes of produce.  You can change sizes at any time and just be charged for what you received, and if it's really not working out for you at all, you can quit and receive a refund.

We have additional specialty and bulk items available throughout the season, please see the Extras/Add-on section for more information.

Please peruse the site to see all the various fruits and vegetables we grow and what we can bring to your table from other local producers we trust.

Thanks and hope we can serve you.
--Don & Becky