Make a Payment

Send a Check or pay thru Dwolla


Payment can be made either by

Sending a check to: Kretschmann Farm, 257 Zeigler Rd. Rochester, PA 15074 


Make a payment using Dwolla.  Anyone can use this online money transfer direct from your account for only $0.25 per transaction.  (Less than a stamp) All you need is your bank routing number and account number.  These are on your checks on the bottom.  The one on the left is the routing #.

When using Dwolla, please use the name under which we have your account so we can properly credit you.  Also, use as the payee.   

Click Here for Dwolla Payment


For now, we'd rather not receive payment through other sorts of online payment options because there's just too many of them and not sure how to keep track of them all.  We'll be checking them out to see which might be the most convenient and importantly--the cheapest for all.  Thanks.