Seasonal Cooking with Ingredients From the Garden

Kretschmann Farm Table--our approach to cooking what's in the garden and our recipes

A home cooked meal of local seasonal fare shared with family and friends is one of life's most enjoyable events!  We feel it needn't be something one can't do every day.  We include recipes with our weekly newsletter for your use, if you so choose.  Many of these we make ourselves and alter the recipes to suit the ingredients at hand. We are very busy people (especially so in the summer when we're growing, picking, washing, and packing your veggies) so we lean toward dishes which are quick and easy, but delicious.  (Don's take is that it shouldn't take zillions of steps and lots of pots and pans to wash later.)  We encourage you to be creative too.   

We especially like to introduce subscribers to traditional "ethnic" foods.  These have withstood the test of time and generations of taste testing and refinements. Mousaka, tabouli, berber stew, ... and even my grandmother's potato dumplings come easily to mind. 

For newbies, as we go through the season, we'll let you know how to cook fresh veggies which you might not be familiar with, or which you might not ever have prepared from the field.  It's usually not a big deal, and we pass on the tricks which save time and effort. 

Many times during the season, you might be overloaded with veggies (that's what a garden can do to you!).  Our reccommendation is to assess when you pick up the veggies which things need to be consumed first and which will keep.  There are likely a few things which could be easily preserved if you see there will be too much.  For example, you could quickly blanche and freeze extra swiss chard or green beans for later use, while all the salad greens and tomatoes might need to be used immediately. 

The archive of recipes contains recipes which we've used in our newsletters for nearly 20 years.

There's also some information and web links about storage, freezing, and canning.

** Don't forget to say a mealtime prayer...