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If you are unfamiliar with this method of purchasing, be sure to read How it Works, and the rest of our site. 

How much do I get in the box and how do I know which size fits my family?

The Standard Share is a half bushel box delivered every week of the season, from June until the week before Thanksgiving.  The overwhelming favorite sized box, this amount should feed two adults and two small children.  Cost: $625/season @$25/box

The Plus Share is a larger size box which should feed two adults and two older children or two vegetarians.  Cost: $750/season @ $30/box

The Light Share is about 1/3 smaller than the standard size, and is delivered every week. (There will be weeks when this size will not contain an item the other boxes do.  To be fair, we can only pare down the value where it's possible.  Eg. cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower can't necessarily be cut down by 1/3, or picking bunches of herbs or greens all 1/3 smaller.  This is size is good for singles or lighter eaters, it's not intended to be a family sized box.   Cost: $500/season @$20/box

Take your best guess don't sweat it.  You can always adjust the size and just be charged for what you get.

Where will I pick up my veggies? We have Dropoff locations** all over the region.  Here's the list from last season. We will assign you one based on proximity to your home.  You can request to change to a different location if needed. We're always looking for good dropoff stops. **Note: After you have signed up we will send you the specific address of the dropoff location.  You can also click on the hotlink in any communication and access these locations after you have signed up.)

What is involved with hosting a Drop-off?  You needn't be there when the boxes arrive.  Hosting a drop off involves having a suitable place (shaded porch or garage) large enough for 15-20 boxes, not too far to carry boxes from the street or driveway. We try to minimize the impact on hosts--subscribers have 4 hours to pick up and are asked to call hosts only in an emergency. At the suburban sites, empty boxes are left for the week (they nest and stack easily-usually in two tall stacks). In the city, empties are picked up the following day, so they won't be on your porch but 24 hrs. Hosts are given a 1/3 discount in addition to door-to-door delivery. We always reconfirm with you again prior to assigning you as a drop off site, to see where you'd like boxes placed, etc. and to make sure you are satisfied.

Can I select all the items in my box?  We keep track of your preferences.  In listing favored and disfavored veggies, list items most important to you first. We print these on your box labels and if it's a long list, it will scroll off the label. We try to honor preferences, but don't guarantee it because of the logistics. We tend to look more closely at the disfavored list and use the favored list to plan the proportions of what to plant.

How do the optional monthly add-ons work?  We offer shade grown coffee from Building New Hope (a farmer's cooperative), Pennsylvania hand crafted cheeses, PA grown mushrooms from Wild Purveyors, and organically raised chickens. (See descriptions, prices, and schedule on our Add-Ons page.) Each month there's a mushroom week, a coffee week, a chicken week, and a cheese week.  When you sign up for those items, you'll get that amount each month.  Thus, 1# ground coffee means a pound each month; 2 chickens means two each month; 1 mushroom CSA means a box of mushrooms each month; cheeses 1 of each kind you order each month (sorry you can't swap types each month, except the grab-bag cheese CSA package is always different)

Vacations/Donating your box  If you'll be out of town and not able to pick up your weekly veggies during the season, you have two options--take a credit, or  indicate you'd like your veggies donated when you are away. The recipient is usually the Pittsburgh Food Bank.  If you check this option, we'll assume that when you are away, veggies will be donated. 

How long do I have to sign up? We can add you at any time. But for the start of the season, timely response is greatly appreciated, so we can organize and assign pickup locations. We will let you know details of the location and time of your pickup spot in early May (if not sooner). If the site is unsatisfactory, you can request a change of locations or cancel entirely and receive a refund.  Late signups are prorated.

What is ASC-Agriculture Supported Community?- We welcome the opportunity to serve everyone in the 'burgh.  If you or someone you know needs and would use the produce we grow, but cannot make the commitment for financial reasons, please let us know.  We'l will maintain confidentiality and work out a mutually agreeable amount.