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CSA Signup Form 2017


Be sure to read through, How it Works, and the rest of our site if you are unfamiliar with this method of purchasing.  Prices for the basic subscription as well as other optional items are listed on the signup form.  We'll continue to update the site with more information as we plan for the upcoming season.  

To be placed on the list to recieve organic fruits and veggies for the 2017 season, send on the new signup form as an e-mail attachment to us.  Please use the subject line: 2017 veggie signup.  Then please forward the $100 deposit.  If you're an existing subscriber, you need only let us know you'd like the same plan as 2016 (or let us know changes) and forward the deposit.  We'll confirm we've gotten your information.

Note:  You only fill in line 4 of the signup form. Save it as a file on your desktop. Then attach as a file in an e-mail to us.

If paying by check, send to:

Kretschmann Farm 257 Zeigler Rd. Rochester, PA 15074

Or check out our new online payment option.











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